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The Lego Movie 3 - Emmet and the Mixels Island (Fan made) Full Movie Spanish

This is my first brickfilm that I do I hope you like it
Emmet and Lucy and their son Max go on a cruise on a boat but get trapped on a deserted island where they meet Pepper Roni and Emmet's father Clutch Powers and the Mixels, magical creatures that can be combined with an element called the Cubit, the Lego brick. more powerful than the pièce de résistance but a villain called the brickster wants to steal the cubit and the pièce de résistance for his evil plan and emmet and his son max and his gang must stop him

Note this movie is in Spanish

Welcome on Brick à Brack

It's a complicated for me to understand Spannish but I saw you used a lot of real videos.

Did you tried stop motion to create lego animations ?

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