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Definition Unendlichkeit | Beste Sprecher | Steinerei 2022
This brickfilm is about the definition of Infinity. What came before it? What does happen after it? And in between? There are so many questions, but also multiple answers. This brickfilm was made for

The Time Ship
A lesbian pirate time travel story, made for the Steinerei 2022 film festival, where it premiered to great results. Enjoy watching!

Die Alternative: Liebespost - Make Brickfilms Not War (LEGO Brickfilm)
Peter schlagen die Kriegsbilder im TV auf den Magen. Er überlegt, was er machen kann und kommt auf die Idee, Briefe zu schreiben und sie selbst als "Liebespost" auszutragen. Die Brickboard Playlist "M

The protagonist buys a lemonade and complains about the present because the kindergarten he used to go to was demolished. He falls asleep on a bench and suddenly finds himself in a white corridor with

Mr Jones : Spy | Brickfilm | English version
@Brick 51
A very special Spy ! Discover Mr Jones : one of the best spy of the world ! Brique 51 is a french brickfilm studio sorry for the translation ...

The Optimism Bias - Steinerei 2022 (LEGO Brickfilm)
Marvin and Robin, the two cousins, are bored. The TV could provide relief if there wasn't only boring stuff on. Then they discover the film "The Optimism Bias", which captivates them and puts their op

Scarlet Pimpernel Movie Trailer
@Bailey Richards
A movie trailer i made for a project at school. Sorry it is a bit rushed.

Trans In Ukraine - make brickfilms, not war
A trans girl and her brother trying to flee from the war. Based on, sadly, true events.

Mr Jones : Spy | Official Trailer in English | Brickfilm
@Brick 51
A very special Spy ! Find Mr Jones very soon on the channel Brique 51!

Fast paced ninja shenanigans
Thank you for 600!! There is exactly 100 frames in this (not including pauses), half are 10fps, and the other half is 12fps That was unintentional lol I think I made a good music choice Some would s

LEGO SPACE! Full Stop-Motion Movie
This is a project which took me three years to complete. It is an epic sci-fi adventure following LEGO classic space characters as they struggle with the cosmic and emotional turmoil of space. It was

Lego Phantom Manor Trailer 2
I am still working on the facade and the Thunder Mesa/Thunder Mountain extension but much of the interior and is finished.

The Young And The Oldless
Watch all the Brickfilm Day 2022 videos here: #brickfilmday2022 #THAC2022 Made in participation with Brickfilm Day 2022. Apologies for the 360p. I thought I had rendered it out in 4K. I left after sch

"We...are going... on an adventure!" (Film announcement.)
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
A brief first look at my upcoming adventure film: Winston Picketer and The Cursed Trove. Stay tuned for more updates and behind the scenes.

Lego Castle Siege: Catapult Attack
Medieval-themed Lego castle stop motion. ----------------------- Music used: Epic Battle Music – Medieval: Track Name - Tension RMK Artist/Composer - Daniele Publisher - Daniele Epic Soundtrack Social

Obi-Wan KENOBI Trailer in LEGO
Hey everyone here's my version of the most anticipated Star Wars serie of the year ! Hope you guys will enjoy this brickfilm, 500 pictures were taken to film it ! Obi-Wan Kenobi serie is coming on May

Star Wars Legends : the Jedi purge part 1 Extended cut LEGO Star Wars stop motion
Hey everyone ! After Months and hours of hard work, HERE IT IS ! More than 2500 pictures were taken to make this brickfilm ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget to like subscribe and share it with y

a few sweet Lo-fi beats to chill to while brickfilming
@Brickmaster Studio
Here's a collection of some of my favourite Lo-fi beats you can vibe to while brickfilming, reading, studying etc. (in Lego) I do not own any of the music used in the video. 00:00 technicolor - kudasa

It might seem crazy what I’m bout to say
Sunshine she’s here, take a break I’m a Hot air balloon that could go to space Uh With the air, like I don’t care Baby by the way

Curious Zeah :0
This took way to long for the crappy quality of animation it has, but here you go. Monke Favorite Childhood cartoon?

Special Delivery
@JO Co
Shaun is just doing a spot of cleaning when a mysterious package shows up at his door...

Daredevil Preview in LEGO
This is my recreation of a preview for Marvel's Daredevil, my favorite TV show of all time. Enjoy!

ACCIDENTAL | A Choose Your Own Ending Brickfilm
When one of Glenn's scientific experiment's goes terribly wrong he must figure what to do...

Fading Love | THAC 2022 Twentieth Place Winner
A husband and wife go through marital struggles...

Motul Bricksperience Speedbuild
how to speed build the 67896 Lego Nissan GT-R Nismo set and what you need to let it drive :-)

Christ Is Risen! | LEGO Easter Stop-Motion Animation
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! This is a short film I made on the fly out of a tiny limited amount of LEGO.It's not great, but it was made 100% in one day. Hopefully I'll be making some good stuff soo

Darth Plagueis Episode 2
@Star Wars Brickfilm Universe DE
Under the watchful eye of the Dark Lord of the Sith, DARTH PLAGUEIS, his apprentice PALPATINE is now training. After the murder of his parents, he graduated Universty and attained the position of Juni

Funky Lego Stormtroopers
@Jordys Bricks
Hey guys here is my new Lego Star Wars Brickfilm to celebrate May The 4th 2022. The story focus on Lego Stormtroopers sign up for Galaxy Got Talent. Can Stormtroopers Talent win the ultimate prize? Th

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LEGO SPACE! Full Stop-Motion Movie


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