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A month or two back I began production on an adventure film entitled "Winston Picketer and The Cursed Trove." The original idea was to make a sort of Indiana Jones-esque adventure movie, that was a bit longer than what I usually make. I also wanted to have it be more story-intensive. I had stopped brickfilming for a while, and after getting back into it, I figured that if I was going to continue, I may as well step things up a bit. The script is currently in the works, but far enough along that I have begun animation. The story centers around Winston Picketer, son of the famous adventurer, John Picketer, who disappeared years ago. Winston lives a more or less stagnant, lazy life, until a strange Dr. Jeremy appears at his door with an invitation to go on an adventure, like his father. I won't give away too much, but Winston quickly begins to realize that this adventure is not all that it seemed at first.
The prologue scene has been fully animated, and the next two scenes are getting close to being done.

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Update: For a fight scene in the film, I'm trying to have it more choreographed. I began with a simple storyboard, but due to my lack of drawing skills, that didn't go all that well. For more detailed parts of the fight, I began to position the actual characters from the film, and then photograph them from the camera angle I was looking for, moving them very roughly, in a few frames, along the path of motion they would take in the actual scene. I short, I started making something of an animatic, combining storyboard pictures for more basic shots, and photographing physical figures for more detailed movements. So far, it seems to be working out pretty well.
Pictures of basic positioning and movement, without any sort of set. Here are a few examples.

Storyboard drawings:

Some nice in-camera lamp-post effects using an I-pod flashlight outside of the shot.

Looking really great so far! Sorry I haven't posted any feedback so far, I've been busy with brickfilming and traveling and such, but since you've been so diligent about updates, this should be a big review. I have noticed you haven't been making many longer films recently (exluding the Politically Incorrect Christmas), it's been a lot of humorous short films, so it's fantastic to hear about this new project! One quick small nitpick I have is that the trailer title font is somewhat tacky, seems very "digital", but it's not a big deal, and if it's not changed, obviously won't change the film quality itself. I've also noticed that you haven't entered any film competitions for quite some time, so do you have any plans for this current video? Anyway, onto the production! The story itself sounds quite fun, and really has the potential for some interesting interplay and plot. Dr. Jeremy seems somewhat wild, and it'll be fun to see how that manifests itself. The minifigures are well-made, with Winston looking somewhat nerdy, but also reeady for an adventursome makeover. Now, are you intending this film to be more on the serious side, or comedic? The teaser released on your channel give the impression of the former, but the description of his "stagnant, lazy, life" has a moralistic aspect, and I assume his father is either dead or in some sort of trouble, which would give the opposite slant to the film. The pictures of the fight scene technique are cool, the idea's really inventive for brickfilming, and it's a whole another level of detail in the planning of this film. I know you said you've already filmed several scenes, but will you sync up dialogue/sound effects to the animatic before you film, or will you just use the picture aids? The barrel pose looks exciting though, I can't remember seeing that type of fight in any video before, so it stands out! The drawing is minimal, but clear enough to get the point, and in conjunction with the animatic pictures, accomplishes the goal flawlessly. The last update you've posted, on Brick A Brack, doesn't say much about the progression of the production, but the picture is super nice, leaving me curious as to what camera you captured it with. The lighting is amazing, and if I hadn't seen the accompaning description, I would have assumed it was Brickstuff, it fits so well. The iPod is a clever use, I don't hear about that very often, and there's a pretty bokeh behind the focus on the lamp. Anyway, the film is seeming to be turning out stellar so far, keep up the great work, can't wait to hear more!
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@Puskov, thanks for your feedback!
In answer to your questions...
In terms of entering the film into contests, I was planning on entering this film into BrickStars 2022, since I don't have a specific idea of when it will be done besides "sometime this year."
The film leans more to the comedic side, but not to the complete exclusion of any morals or more serious aspects. One of the main recurring conflicts throughout the film is the clashing of Dr. Jeremy's lack of morals with Winston's sense of objective right and wrong.
I strung the animatic together and added minimal sound design. I had planned on doing more sound in the animatic, but in the end that turned out to be unnecessary.
And yeah, I totally see what you mean about the intro text . I might end up giving it a slower frame rate to give it a more "stop-motiony" feel, though in the actual film the title is first displayed in 2d text within a shot as opposed to the 3d title card that will probably appear at the end of the film, and that appears in the "first look" video.
Edit: Forgot to answer the question about the camera. I use a Canon Rebel T6 DSLR.
Your interest and feedback are very much appreciated! More updates are on the way.

-Buffalo Brickfilms.

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A very brief update!
Animation of the scenes towards the beginning of the film is complete, though there's lots of editing to do. Now Its time for the fun part of the animation: The bulk of the adventure.
And now, for your scrutiny, a close up shot of Winston after putting on his fathers adventuring hat.

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A brief update since I haven't really posted anything here in awhile. As usual for me during the Summer, I'm not able to animate as much, but I'm actually pretty pleased with the progress I've been able to make. In terms of the story, the films adventure is well underway. Not much of it has gone through postproduction or editing yet. Just a few scenes near the beginning are fully edited, but many more scenes exist in their most basic form: lots of not-yet strung together frames. Here is another frame for y'all. I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with cinematography in this film:

I got a bit of tedious masking out of the way:

The movie poster for the film. The text on the left is a quote from G.K. Chesterton.

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I had missed this topic, it looks really nice ! Well done !

Any news about the release date ?


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