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Ho ho ho , 'tis that time of the year again... Welcome, one and all, to Christmas Brickfilms 2021!

Each year since the dawn of time (2017), various brickfilmers get together and produce a series of loosely related videos together under a common Christmas theme. Zac Legomania and I (J, from JO Co) have the honour of hosting this time around, with the aid of many a talented brickfilmer.

This year's collab is all about Christmas movies, be it as evident as Elf, or as tenuous as Rambo. Up to and over Christmas, we've built up quite the festive treat, so catch all the videos in This Handy Playlist

Thanks so much to everyone who took part! I hope you all had a great Christmas, see you in 2022!

Last edited by JO Co (dec. 29, 2021 (10:11pm)).

Was there an annoucement about this before the filmmaking started? I was keeping an eye out, as I was planning to do it this year, but was it private this time?

Sorry Puskov. The information was quickly passed in early November and when the lists were completed... It was too late.
And for those who would not have found the link of the playlist. Find here the brickfilms posted as they are released.

#1 - Is Iron Man 3 A Christmas Movie? by @chris_gbp

#2 - Charlie Brown's Christmas. by @toadproductions

#3 - A Lego Mandalorian Christmas Special by @corey pine studios

#4 - ELF by @Panoramic Studios

The sequel is coming....

#5 - Die Hard in 60 Seconds! by @Andy Rew Animation

#6 - LEGO Christmas Vacation by @Joshua Armell

#7 - Miracle On 34th Street, But Darth Vader has the remote by @IronSeagull Studios

#8 - Rambo: First Blood, but it's a Christmas movie by @Flat Earth Productions

#9 - It's A Wonderful Life in Lego by @BC Lego Movies

#10 - LEGO Batman Returns by @Joshua Nelson

#11 - LEGO What's This by @2x4 Productions


#13 - Lego Gundam Wing: Relena's Merry Christmas by @AwesomepantsFilms


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