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The summer wind is blowing again, the holidays are here: get out your cameras!

Below will be grouped the participations of the 2021 edition of the Minifig's Journey. A little reminder on how to vote for the public:

Each voter has 6 points distributed among 3 photographs.. Voters will be asked to distribute the points as follows:
3 points -> First place;
2 pts-> Seconde place;
1 point -> Third place

To vote, just leave a comment in the thread with the number of the photo and its top 3..
(example : - first place, photo #1; - second place, number 2; and so on...)

Participants are allowed to vote. The only constraint is not to vote for oneself (question of fair play ^^)

The points awarded will be totaled to obtain a ranking.. The first five places will receive a small gift!

Deadline is September the 5th. The beginning of the voting and unveiling of the entries will be on September 6th, 2021

First #28
Second #15
Third# 33

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First Place: #33- The Ronin's journey
Second Place: #28 - The crossing to Fabuland
Third Place: #19 - Surf like a pro

Some amazing entries guys!! My picks are
1st: #28 - The Crossing to Fabuland
2nd: #6 - Ronan in Ambush
3rd: #13 - Nice View on the Coast

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Trying to vote for some good ones that haven't been chosen yet.

1st: #36 - Evening suit
2nd: #18 - The adventure of the white ninja
3rd: #2 - The crocodile harbor

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A difficult choice

1st: #28 - The crossing to Fabuland
2nd: #35 - Motorcycle, cat and money
3rd: #3 - The Red Massacre

1st: #28- The Crossing To Fabuland
2nd: #32- Crash On An Unknown Planet
3rd: #35- Motorcycle, Cat, and Money

All so awesome! Here my favourites:

1st: #28- The Crossing To Fabuland
2nd: #20 - The biggest strawberry
3rd: #15 - The end of the land

1st: #5 - Surf of foam
2nd: #12 - Marshmallow
3rd: #2 - The crocodile harbor

1st: 33
2nd: 26
3rd: 28


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