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Dear brickfilming world,

I am writing this open letter to you because of recent events that have occurred in the brickfilming world and we want to make everything as honest and clear as possible for everyone.

My name is Andreas, and I am from the German brickfilm community called “Brickboard”. We are a small but very close community and have a long history, since 2004.

As you may notice, our website looks a bit old-fashioned and outdated, which is why the page is now under the state of renewal.
As a student in the field of web development, I took the chance to form a team and we are currently in the process of giving the German brickfilm community an updated, more modern “home” , while making my final assignment for my university.

However, after quite some time, we received a message from our university stating that they are continuously receiving messages with the advice that we are committing fraud and theft of a certain product from an unknown company.
This person is still constantly contacting my university trying to stop our renewal of and making cocky accusations about our whole project.

So why are we mentioning the Brick à Brack community now?

Because the sender of these messages is clearly someone who is very near to Brick à Brack, since he had information from mails, I exchanged with an admin from Brick à Brack half a year ago.
He mentioned that I had contact with the manager of his company, and I only had contact with one person in Brick à Brack and no other community.

Furthermore, I tried to contact this person directly to clear things out, but his response was a complaint to my university, ignoring my request and confirming that the “product” we would be stealing is something that has to do with Brick à Brack.
The person even states that everything was discussed in a team. Unfortunately, many things lead to this site.

The German admin team contacted the Brick à Brack staff, that we demand a statement, since Brick à Brack and Brickboard are in this case together.

We received great support from the owner of Brick à Brack and we now want to make a statement to this aggressor, that this behaviour is not acceptable in any way.

To make things clear,

we are just brickfilmers, this is a hobby for us, we just want our own page (as it always has been) with our own identity. We do not steal anything or endorse stealing from Brick à Brack or any other community! We want collaborations, shared events, but not war…

We are frustrated that the people having a problem with us are searching contact through officials, trying to bring us down instead of having a direct and open conversation.

As you may have noticed on the Brick à Brack front page, this is a statement that our communities stand together, and that no aggressor can attack or accuse us of something!

Whoever may hide under this pseudonym, this is a message to you!

To make things as honest and unfolded as possible, I have attached all the original messages here, so you can read it if you like and make your own opinion out of it.

Letter1 (initial contact)
Letter2 (response from uni)
Letter3 (another response from uni)
Letter4 (accusatios and link to BaB)
Letter5 (pressure on stopping Brickboard)

Brick à Brack support

Kind regards and Passez une bonne semaine !
The Brickboard Admin Team
Andreas (A&M Studios), Alexander (Legostudio01), Hans (AoW-Gamer), Rainer (knauser), Sebastian (Baschi)

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