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Introducing ... Holly Jolly Brickmas 2020!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past three years of brickfilm Christmas collaborations, it’s that time flies the moment the snow falls.

This year, we – Slotborg, Chris @ GBP, and SuitedNinjaNerd Studios – are proud to announce Holly Jolly Brickmas 2020, the 4th annual brickfilm Christmas collaboration! Continuing in the spirit of A Brickfilm Christmas, The 25 Brickfilms of Christmas, and Brickfilm Christmas Collab 2019, this event is open to all brickfilmers who want to add their own holiday-themed brickfilm to the mix.

In previous years, we have had a theme and format for everyone’s films to match. This year, in the interests of making the collaboration as open as possible, we’ve decided to make this an open collaboration in the spirit of Brickfilm Day, Quarantine Daze, and other playlist-centric events.

How To Enter:

To enter, make a brickfilm that meets the following criteria:

  • Your film must revolve around some sort of holiday theme.
  • Films must consist of primarily LEGO (or similar building block toy) animation. Stop-motion, CGI, hand drawn, and experimental animation are all acceptable. Films may include other forms of media but must be primarily animated.
  • No mature or explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive gore, overt sexual content, and blatant drug references.
  • Films must consist of at least 20 seconds of animation.

Currently, we are aiming for releasing all films into playlists from December 22st to December 24th, with an event recap on December 25th to close off the event. We hope that by announcing the event in October, we can give you all of November and most of December to finish your brickfilm!


If you’re interested, please fill out this Google Form so we can prepare for your entry. If you want to meet up with other collaboration participants, ask for help, and reference past events, check out the event Discord server.

We hope you can join us and make this year the best brickfilm Christmas collaboration yet!

Sounds and looks interesting, I'll very probably participate!

@YetgoSounds and looks interesting, I'll very probably participate!

That's what we like to hear! Look forward to it


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