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made my second brickfilm check it out

Hello Brick a Brack, I'm going to go ahead and post my production log for "Darth Vader Joins The Unstable Side". The name is pretty self-explanatory, enjoy!

Hello Everybody! Hudson Ludy (a.k.a Yummy Burrito Studios) here! I'm working on a new brickfilm called "Darth Vader Joins The Unstable" It's pretty self-explanatory. Point being, I would like to share the production log with all you guys! So yea the cast includes (In order of main rolls
Hudson Ludy (myself) as Darth Vader
Chris Major (a.k.a Gold Brick Productions) as The Imperial Guard: Steve
???? as The Coffee Dude
Film Trooper as Stormtrooper 1 & 2
Lego Joseph Studios as Imperial Guard 2 & 3
Siri as All computers
???? as Batman (If you're interested in playing this role, email me.)
So, yea, it's coming along pretty well. If you've seen my older videos than you know that I'm not the best LEGO animator. But in this video, I plan to step in up one or two notches. I plan to have no light flicker (easier said than done) and have animated mouths on Steve and The Barista. I've been watching a few tutorials, and I read the book "Brick Flicks" which has helped me tremendously in my brickfilming.

This is my first themed video. I got really inspired by another video I saw. I got a set with Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine in it, so I scripted and storyboarded this video.
I just want to thank these awesome people and things that helped tremendously in this process:
BrickBros Productions: Set design inspiration from their video "Star Wars: Darth Vader's Christmas Special (http://www.bricksinmotion.com/films/view/8008)
FancyPants: Tutorials and he's just awesome in general
BIM Community: A ton of stuff
Brick Flicks: Extremely helpful tips on how to make my brickfilms better.
The Plastic Fist (theplasticfist.wordpress.com) For...Something I'm sure.
My Family: A ton, TON of stuff.
Everyone else who I might have forgotten (sorry in advance)
Thanks a ton!
-Yummy Burrito Studios http://www.bricksinmotion.com/forums/user/138604/

If you would like to play the role of the barista (he has about six lines) or Batman (he only has one line), you can email me at, gutardude1229@gmail.com.

This video is scheduled to release in December-January

-Yummy Burrito Studios

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Check out my newst LEGO video!

Okay, done spamming.

Made the first video of a series

Those characters are super random.

Okay everybody, I'm updating any of my two subscribers to this blog, that I am going to enter the "Decorate The Christmas Tree Contest"! You can see more about it on the homepage. I'm also doing a commercial for "A Brickfilm Christmas" on BIM. So my Christmas should be pretty interesting. I finished my new Lego Club it's;

Oh, wait...that's just the logo. Here it the real link;
-Yummy Burrito Studios

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