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I put together Cole and Zane onto my rig from ninjago and they don't look half bad. I've also been getting used to IBL (Image based lighting) Which helps with render times and makes some nice lighting.

Thinking about re-releasing Modern Times (the silent contest entry)... a re-edit taking into account the feedback the jury (and others) provided to make it better...

So when is the new contest rules and prizes going to come out?

C'est vraiment cool! J'ai eu un Macbook Pro pour mon anniversaire et ça marche super!

Great. Now I'm a binge watcher level 2 and am over badged!

Please check out my video and comment, everybody! All I need is for you to comment on the video with a question for me.

S'il vous plaît vérifier ma vidéo et commenter, tout le monde! Tout ce dont j'ai besoin, c'est de commenter la vidéo avec une question pour moi.



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