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Welcome elvislives1111! This is Brick À Brack I am still new so I don't know to much but we have Moderators and Admins you can talk to

The weasel in @Weasel's profile picture is soooo cute!

Why did I say that out loud? Why did I just click "reply?"

Well ... that was embarrassing.

I'm new to Brick-a-Brack. I signed up a few months ago, but am finally starting to use it.

Looks nice.

Finally got some space to put a table in behind my computer. So I can easily make Brickfilms while connected to my computer. (I don't have a laptop. ) I haven't made a REAL brickfilm in a long time. I got into 3D animation. Well now I can do both. Mix in a little CGI into the stop-motions. I miss doing these. I have a Nikon D-5300 camera that I'll use, and probably just use Heron. I can put the frames together in after effects and any masking can be done in Sony Vegas, or just animate in that kind of stuff. It's gonna be great, I hope to get this stuff soon.

So random fact, I used to make really bad brickfilms when I was younger for my family on facebook. At the time I was super proud of them, but what made them bad is the fact that I didn't understand what FPS meant. (Frames Per Second) I thought it was just another excuse to make my animations longer. I would make an animation and it would feel short so I would drop it to about 2 or 3 FPS to make it longer. I look back at some of them now and I just face palm at the videos I made. I later found out what it meant and continued on to do 15 fps. I used my ipod touch to do these and an open table with window lighting and no background, so my family would be running in and out of frames. Man I knew nothing about brickfilms then. I got better at it, and I started understanding what I was doing, and got actual supplies. Then 3D animation became a thing and I stopped making brickfilms for a long time... untill now.

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