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Nous avons fait une vidéo pour THAC 10 sur BiM.

S'il vous plaît "similaire" à notre vidéo LEGO sur ReBrick Contest.

Et pour les franco-canadiens on poste les bfs ou?

Cool, I have a blog!

I want to post something but I can't think of anything super cool, so I'll just post this channel banner I made.

I've got a bunch of random characters I made and I decided to throw them all into a channel banner. From left to right, we have the Serpentine Lawyer from Ninjago Court Chaos, Cappucino Carl from Just Deserts, Bob from Bob and Randy, Randy from Bob and Randy, Captain Existential from The Bottomless Pit of No End, Willard from Bob and Randy (soon ...) Captain Brickbeard from Bob and Randy, my self-fig, Cedric the Time Travelling Knight from GBP 2000 Subs, and a mystery character ... nah, it's just a random minifig that I'm gonna shoehorn into a video soon.

This is one of the reasons I love brickfilming - you can create some of the craziest characters and have a lot of fun developing them! And of course, it's so fun to work with other people and their characters too.

starwarsstudio100This post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: Wrong message).

Grande nouvelle! @lucien sort un film pour les brickstars.

C'est une grande nouvelle car c'est le premier long métrage qu'il va faire. En plus il y a plein d'action et le scénario est hyper développé.

Il a déjà commencer le scénario et puis c'est pas si long que ça 15 min tout au plus.


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