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So I have been attending BrickFair VA for nearly 10 years (which is crazy to think about)! However this was the first year I participated in the convention as a registered attendee. That allowed me to be at the event for longer than the public days on Saturday and Sunday, and gave me the opportunity to participate in special registrant only events as well. I attended the event form Friday, August 3rd, until midday on Sunday, August 5th. Throughout the event I got to meet a ton of cool people, look around at awesome MOCs, and buy LEGO to my hearts content.

I arrived early on Friday morning after a short hour long drive and was greeted by two very close internet friends of mine, Austin from @Frame 5 Studios and Matt from @Brick Tale Studios. It was quite the interesting revelation getting to finally meet two of mt fellow Frame100 Podcast co-hosts in real life, and funniest of all was how despite me being younger than the two of them, they couldn't get over how much taller I was than them! Soon after out initial introductions, we were off to go look around the convention center more in depth. With Matt being a part of RebelLug, we set that up as our meeting place and base of operations. Matt was kind enough to introduce us to many of the other RebelLug members before we looked around more of the convention hall. Another close internet friend of our Marcus, showed up just before we headed out to lunch. He had just arrived after picking up Matt some stuff from the LEGO Store, where he works. We then set out for lunch and headed to Jimmy John's but the one near the convention center was closed, which was odd. We then decided to head to Chick-Fil-A, talking about brickfilm related plans and things. Upon arriving back to the convention center, we looked at some of the vendors. Austin introduced me to Rob, the owner of BrickStuff lighting, and I finally got around to buying myself some of the LEGO compatible lights. We walked around more and I got to meet a slew of both Austin, Marcus, and Matt's friends. Before long it was getting late, but before I left for the evening, we attended a panel that the talented David Pagano was headlining. He talked about making animations for the LEGO Group and other clients, while showing us inside his daily life with many of his projects that he's made, both old and never before seen. The other's were getting hungry so they left before the end of the panel, but I stayed and I introduced myself to Mr. Pagano himself at the end of the panel. Surprisingly, he had already seen some of my stuff on YouTube, after going so far as to recognizing my videos and channel name. That completely took me off guard, knowing that the man who basically formed my childhood love for LEGO animation knew of my own animated endeavors. The day ended on that very high note, but before you knew it, day 2 was rolling around!

I had woken up slightly late but got to packing for the next 2 days and left for the convention. I got there about an hour prior to the event opening to the public, to which there was already a large line forming outside. I, as a special registrant however, got to head right inside and met back up with Austin and Matt. Marcus showed up very soon after and we headed back out to the line to see how much larger it had gotten (it was long and growing larger by the second). Then after some jumping inside and outside of the convention hall, we met up with Chris Wynn, another fellow animator. He had to hop in line as he was only a member of the public event, but after a mass of people started pouring into the convention center, we eventually met back up with him. We had many discussions abut brickfilm related topics and eventually went back to vendor shopping and MOC admiration. Eventually @Undershadow had bumped into us and we had a nice discussion over YouTube things before he left to see more of the convention center. For lunch we headed out to Jimmy John's that was actually open this time, without Austin (as he headed out for lunch with his father and a nap). Marcus had to leave for work by 3, so we said our goodbyes. Austin then introduced me to David Hall, the mastermind behind Solid Brix Studios, which was very cool as I love his MOCs. I later ran into my dad who gave me a Prince of Persia set that he had miraculously won at the Bingo game being held at the time. Pretty much the rest of the day was blur before the public cleared out and the private member yard sale started (Chris W. had left by that time). I found some nice items at the yard sale and then myself and Austin headed out for dinner with our respective fathers. After the delicious meal, we returned to the convention center, which we (well I) were kicked out of on account of it being the Adult Swim period for those over 21. Myself and the remaining guys (all slightly peeved), headed back to the hotel across from the convention center and had a nice conversation about many different things. Then around midnight I was dropped off at my hotel and went to sleep to prep for the final day!

Everyone was groggy but still ready for the last day, where in all honesty, not much happened. I bought a few more nice items and looked at some more of the fun models I hadn't seen on the other days. Before long Austin had decided to leave the event, so we said our goodbyes and he was on his way home. I hung out with Matt for a bit longer before leaving myself. It was bittersweet experience having to say goodbye to all of the great people I had gotten to meet throughout the event, and extend a giant thank you to those of you who came out to the event and hung out with me or came and said hi! It was definitely a fun event and can't wit for it again next year, so if you didn't go this year, come next year in 2019 (I don't want to be lonely)! That's all for now, I need to go and recover from all of the fun stuff I did!

P. S. Here is the link to the vlog recounting all of the fun I had at the event: [It's not done just yet, give me a few days]

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Thanks for this report, that sounded fun.

You can see some pictures in the Austin's vlog:

Dang dude sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have been there!

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