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Hello everyone!
We've just launched the 8th Annual 8x8x8 brickfilming contest! This is an awesome opportunity to animate a project at a unique scale and win some awesome prizes! Of course, we expect that you'll have questions. What can we do? What can we not do? Hopefully we can do our best to clear things up!

Before we go any further, please read the rules over at this page:

Got it? Have questions? Need to clarify something before you begin? This is the place to ask!

Yeah I got a question Chris.

How do we do this?

@dudebrickYeah I got a question Chris.
How do we do this?

Alright, so here's the general idea ...

You get an 8x8x8 volume where all of your filming happens. This measurement is in bricks and studs - the area is 8 studs by 8 studs and the height is 8 bricks. Everything you animate has to happen within this space - all of your motion, all of your Lego, all of the video.

To explain what we mean, let's focus on the area.

Everything in green is acceptable by the rules, but everything in red is not. Minifigure #1 is acceptable because every single piece stays within that 8 stud by 8 stud area (the plate marked in green). Minifigure #2, however, is not because the hand and foot extend beyond the green area. We will give you a slight margin of error, of course, if you go a little over, but judges also reserve the right to determine if an animation goes too far out of the area. When in doubt, stay in the green! Finally, minifigure #3 is not acceptable as it is entirely outside the green area.

Now let's talk about the height part - 8 bricks high. You don't have to have an 8 brick high element in your set, but it is helpful for measurement. Note that minifigure #1 is in the safe zone - it is within the 8 brick high space. Minifigure #2 is not, however, as the head and the top of the torso are outside of the 8 brick height. Finally, Minifigure #3 is completely outside of the safe zone and is not acceptable. Remember that the plate itself counts in the 8 brick height!

Here is an example set - no, this isn't going to be my final video! All of my filming happens on the 8x8 green space, so you have 64 studs to work with. The flowers are partially over but it's barely a fraction of a stud over, so it's fine. The camera can be at any angle surrounding the set; same with the lights. I recommend taping down your set or using generous amounts of sticky tack!

Hopefully this helps you get started! I think of it this way - if THAC is about time, 8x8x8 is about space.

Thanks for the clear info Chris... Think space suits me better than time.. I'll try to come up with something..

I've got a very interesting idea for this theme, look forward to seeing how this pans out!

how do I register, when I try to it says none of my films work for the contest do I have to submit it to brick a brack first?

@Zach Studioshow do I register, when I try to it says none of my films work for the contest do I have to submit it to brick a brack first?

It is necessary to post it on Brick à Brack before

ok thanks so much!!!

I have a question: can we have a baseplate ground?

Only if it's a 8x8 baseplate


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