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Totally Ethereal by @Brickmasterstudio

3 by AoW-Gamer, but which one could it be?

Be careful, when you deal with electric equipment!

Made for the BiM animation challange

Bounce o ramalama ding dong
Made for the Brickfilmday animation challange 2022. Theme was "Bounce" and man, that new spell from that Hogwarts pupil is definetly lit! Also... ... poor Peter...

I vote for Shocking.

Freudensrpung, by uh, um, who could it be?

Guess Aow Gamer Freudensprung!

Stranger things thing
Demogorgan moment Eleven moment Stronger thinks moment Stranger things soundtrack is very cool Trying to get better at animating I feel like I haven’t improved since March Some animations I’ve made se

X Fighters! S3 "Chaos Shadows" Episode 8 - Shadow Within
The entire balance of Ninjago Island is in peril. Accepting their fate, Team Shinobi readies itself for combat as Garmadon finally catches up to them. Armed with the Mega Weapon and in pursuit of trut

What Does The F Stand For?
Words have failed. Turn to to the wall. Brickfilming is dead. Long live [REDACTED]

'Bounce' (And Other Animation Bits & Bobs)
@Jacob Crow
My entries to this year's Brickfilm Day Animation Contest, the themes being 'Bounce', 'Shock' and 'Danger'. Hope you enjoy! Website - Facebook - Instagram - Letterboxd -

LEGO Doctor Who
@Paolo Mura
Not long after the Daleks fought the Cybermen at Canary Wharf, the 10th Doctor is trying to get over the loss of Rose Tyler by adventuring with a new companion... This is a parody of the 2005-10 era o

Bumblebee's Smashing Entrance
Made for Brick à Brack's #SummerContest2022 - Final step : the 100th Challenge.

We made this for round two of the Brickfilm Day Animation Contest. The theme was Shock.

We made this for round one of the Brickfilm Day Animation Contest. The theme was Bounce.

Falko's heavy tones
Falko shows his new stage program. Will it be a smashing success? This clip was created for the brick-à-brack sommer contest part 3. It is about a smashing entrance from Falko or maybe a fan in Lego s

Bounce Jacob Crow


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