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Bob and Randy E2.5 - Spirit of the SummerBRAWLtest2018

Bob and Randy shamelessly parody/rip off Rioforce so that Chris can enter BiM's BRAWL and BàB's #SummerContest2018 at the same time with one video - a merging he keeps calling #SummerBRAWLtest2018. Hey, I even got the mod element in every shot! And that part with the guitar is totally a defining moment in these character's lives!

Eh, who am I kidding, I'm gonna get my butt kicked this year.

Based on "Spirit of the West" by Rioforce,

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chris_gbpCréateur du projet

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Aha nice way to participate to the Brawl and to the summercontest!
I liked your Brickfilm, the animation is great. And lights too. It create a good mood. And it with our two favorites minifigures! Bob and Randy!

@chris_gbp can my entry to Brick à Brack WEEK 3 be only 1 photo?

What i don't understand?

@MOI30540What i don't understand?

No one truly understands Spirit of the West, my friend.


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