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Unbridled Mischief

A snake-oil Salesman swindles away a hapless traveler's trusty horse!

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PongowlCréateur du projet

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Wow! A good brickfilm!

The animation of the horses is great! It's not an easy thing to do, but you did a great job, there's a little cartoon effect in the animation.

This is a pretty good brickfilm. Several shots kinda baffle me on how you manage to do, but overall you did an great job. I can see that a lot of work has been put into this 5 minutes long stop-motion animation.

One of the best brickfilm i've seen ever. I love it!

Your animation, your plans, your sets and your script!

Good job! I recommended it!
Colors are very beautiful. And the sounds! I really like it.

Very good, I loved it ! The only problem with your brickfilm is the patafix which is too obvious sometimes.
But it's a very small problem in this awesome brickfilm !

Wow, it's impressive ! It's a very good classic western. I like it. I will recommanded this brickfilm. I push the button.

Dernière édition par Max_LG (30/11/2017 à 18h08).

What an astonishing piece of brickfilming art!

The cinematography, sounds and animation are excellent on their own and they also fit together so well! (Camera movements ) Especially the animation deserves praise: I was listening to the Frame100 podcast yesterday and it really took me aback that this is in fact animated in 12fps!! Thanks to your animation style and pacing it felt so smooth I wanted to say 15 at least. But it's not just the animation per se, it's also the design choices which make it so engaging (the minature horse, how he puts apples into the bag, coin flip..). Bravo!

If I had to nit-pick something it would probably be that the clay/patafix is very visible at times (e.g. when the thief is holding the horse n his head or during the coin flip). It's not necessarily disturbing but it threw me out a bit of the immersion into an otherwise wonderful brickfilm.

Would btw love to see some making of/behind the scenes pictures, which is very easy to implement here

Dernière édition par Legoander (03/12/2017 à 11h18).

Great job! I can't even think of anything wrong with this brickfilm. Seriously. The only thing is some clay is visible. Great job!

Thank you all for the positive and constructive comments, I really appreciate it! I'm glad a couple of you mentioned the sticky-tack (apparently known as "patafix" in France ). I would like to try and hide the tack away more in future films.

@Legoander Would btw love to see some making of/behind the scenes pictures, which is very easy to implement here

I'm glad you enjoyed the film! I plan on uploading a couple behind-the-scenes pictures here in just a moment.

Dernière édition par Pongowl (12/12/2017 à 15h34).

The making of is cool, I was wondering how you do the map


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