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Actus • #ScaryContest - Time to scare us!

#ScaryContest - Time to scare us!

Par Brickfield54 et Maxou44 (08/10/2019)


It's so scary, isn't it?

All right, let's stop laughing! Horror is coming with this new Brick à Brack's contest: the #ScaryContest!

The #ScaryContest

The ScaryContest is a contest to celebrate Halloween! To enter, you need to create a horror brickfilm.

The rules:
  • The minimun brickfilm duration is 20sec.
  • You can mix genres: for example, you can realize a horror and comic film.
  • You will be rated on your script, your soundtrack and your animation.
  • The film must be release after the annouceement of the contest.
  • Only one film by member based on LEGO or similar toys.
  • Soundtrack and/or subtitles must be in French or in English.

The best five brickfilms will receive beautiful and terrifying rewards!

To enter, send us your brickfilm before Sunday 24 November at 23:59 (All timezones)! Don't forget to enter it then in the contest list on the following link:

Good luck everybody!
It is time to scare your favorite staff


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Aww yeah! Contest are always a little scary anyhow! So what's more fitting than a contest based on scary!

Wow. And such amazing prizes!

Good luck guys!

I really like that lil ghost for no. 5. Hopefully I can enter!

Got a weird idea for this. Might have to make a little something...

@Ozone StudiosGot a weird idea for this. Might have to make a little something...

Dog 26? ?

A great contest, great prizes! I'll definitely try to enter... also because I'm in a sort of horror ideas phase at the moment

This contest sounds interesting, I might enter too.

Scary? I could just enter a picture of my face.

@ThunderStruck ProductionsScary? I could just enter a picture of my face.

But is it based on Lego or similar toys?


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