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Scary Challenge!

Par Max_LG (13/10/2022)


And yes! The bad guys are in the spotlight in a new challenge...

The Scary Challenge

-But... what does it involve?
I'm here to answer you! The Scary Challenge is a staging challenge with a Halloween theme!

Who says challenge, says small rules:

  • Your brickfilm must have at least 20sec of animation.
  • It must be a horror brickfilm.
  • And to spice things up, you'll need to integrate a Jump scare in your staging. A jump scare is a staging method that aims to make the viewer jump by making something appear on the screen, In an unexpected and brutal manner. Example : a monster that suddenly comes out of a cupboard to attack a victim, an assassin that suddenly appears behind the character when he turns around, a huge infernal noise when everything was very quiet, etc. All these examples are typical of jump scares, it's up to you to integrate one into your animation!

The judging will be based solely on your ability to stage this jump scare.
The jury will be composed of @thiago100, @MOI30540 and @brickfield54 !

To participate in the challenge, you will just have to post your animation on the site by taking care to categorize it in the "challenge" section

The winner will get a bag of LEGO minifigs!

We hope you know how to scare the brickfilming community!
You have until Sunday, November 11st!


On that note, good luck to all!


Boy have I missed brickfilming!


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