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Actus • The (deconfined) Minifig's Journey 2021

The (deconfined) Minifig's Journey 2021

Par Max_LG (05/07/2021)

The summer wind is blowing again, the holidays are here: get out your cameras!

As every year during the summer holidays, many of you will leave for a change of scenery. To discover a new magical place. This year, Keep your favourite minifigurine in your pocket and take it to the ends of the earth!
Teach your LEGOs the art of taking a break in front of the paparazzi, and show us your best pictures.

What are the rules?

  • Small MOCs are allowed (don't install a whole city either).
  • The number of photography per participant is limited to two maximum.
  • Don't put any text on the picture, not even your name.
  • Small effects are allowed in post-prod but don't abuse them! ( inlays are forbidden).

How to participate?

It's very simple:

First of all, take some pictures. Then, select the two photos that you think are most likely to win the contest (while making sure you follow the rules).

Send both shots to @Max_LG and @Yetgo or who will record the entries. A THREAD will be created on the forum after the competition closes. Do not post any of your photos before the end of the contest: they must remain anonymous.

Attention the participations will be authorized until Sunday, September 5th, 2021 at 11:59 PM (all time zones) that is to say, in...

05/09/2021 23:59

How to vote?

Anonymous entries will be revealed by staff in this THREAD Monday 6th September 2021.

The winner will be chosen by a vote of the public on the same forum. You will then have one week to vote for your favourite photos!
You will be able to select up to three photos. 6 points will be distributed in the following way:

3 points -> First place;
2 pts-> Second place;
1 point -> Third place

The Winners will be...

The points awarded by the voters will be totalled. The first five places in the ranking will win a LEGO minifigurine!

Then all you have to do is have a good holiday and have fun !

→ See the results of the 2020 edition

→ See the thread to vote (from September 6th)

You guys should have posted this sooner. I got back from vacation a week ago.

Here's a good idea for the contest: contestants could come up with titles for their photos. Max could put the names instead of putting the photos in a random order, and then when we vote, instead of going:

1st place - 4
2nd place - 38
3rd place - 23

Voters could say:

1st place - "The Journey"
2nd place - "La Randonnée"
3rd place - "Beach Man"

Hopefully that makes sense.

Dernière édition par Bros with da Legos (29/07/2021 à 16h47).

Good idea. We will add this in the caption of the photo to make sure that the voters do not make a mistake in the numbering.

Well you should probably edit the French and English announcement posts to let people know that they should name their entries.

Participants who send in photos are contacted to request this addition.

The entries have finished being collected. They are presented HERE. You can vote freely and modify your choices until the evening of September the 19th. After this date, the points awarded will be added together to create a final ranking.
If your participation is absent (a forgetfulness happens quickly) warn by mp a member of the staff.


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