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The summer wind is blowing again, the holidays are here: get out your cameras!

Below are grouped the participations of the 2020 edition of the Journey of the Minifig. A little reminder on how to vote for the public:

Each voter has 6 points distributed among 3 photographs.. Voters will be asked to distribute the points as follows:
3 points -> First place;
2 pts-> Seconde place;
1 point -> Third place

To vote, just leave a comment in the thread with the number of the photo and its top 3..
(example : - first place, photo #1; - second place, number 2; and so on...)

Participants are allowed to vote. The only constraint is not to vote for oneself (question of fair play ^^)

The points awarded will be totaled to obtain a ranking.. The first five places will receive a small gift

For members who would have an extremely slow throughput: the photos were grouped in each spoiler in bundles of 10.

The number of the anonymized photograph is located underneath the photograph.

#1 to #10

#11 to #20

#21 to #30

#31 to #40

#41 to #45

Last edited by Max_LG (sep. 2, 2020 (08:25pm)).

Some really great entries here!

First Place - Photo #19
Second Place - Photo #21
Third Place - Photo #2

Third place 34
Second place 2
First place 39
This was super tricky, you didn’t make this easy for me lol! Good job to all who entered!

Oh that's a tough one, so many great photos! I think I'm gonna have to go with:
1st: 20
2nd: 32
3rd: 35
I'll be honest, where I was really stuck, I favoured ones that weren't already voted above. 2 and 21 only just missed out, it was too hard to call.

1st: #22
2nd: #28
3rd: #3

Dang, that was a hard choice.

A lot of amazing photos, hard to decide.
In the end, it would be:
1st: #2
2nd: #38
3rd: #5

Very Very tricky...........
1st: #3
2nd: #19
3rd: #5

Last edited by Panoramic Studios (sep. 2, 2020 (06:16pm)).

Wow This so hard.
I vote for
First place #19
Second place #23
Third place #10

Dang, there were some extremely good entries! But my votes go to..

First Place - Photo #19
Second Place - Photo #3
Third Place - Photo #2

Wow, so many nice and creative pictures.

First place #2
Second place #20
Third place # 19


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