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Let's Start from the Beginning... (SHAC 3 Winner)

* 1st place winner of of #SHAC2020 *
Detective Claw investigates the disappearance of Professor Parchment.

Original music by Arginnon
Additional set design by Máté Fekete-Kovács

Sound effects by freesound.org users: InspectorJ, Pogotron, tjandrasounds, _stubb, dheming, vilkas-sound, jfrosting
"Wind Chimes, A.wav", "Triangle 4, Hard Hit, A.wav", "Bamboo Swing A5.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk)

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator
Pritchard StudiosVoice actor (Captain Creator)
Lady ArginnonThanks

Brick à Brack (4)Contests (2)Bricks In Motion (5)

I like the twists and turns.
Overall well constructed and well animated. Good job.

Thank you so much, @AwesomepantsFilms !

That was really eye-catching!
In addition to well animation (especially when the camera turned and Dr. Stein started speaking), I really loved the voice acting of the work; every voice fit the right character.
Overall, the making of characters was the biggest advantage.
Anyways, I would also mention a disavntage: the text describing charcters faded very fast and I had to go back some seconds and pause for every one of them.

I love the suspense and twist in detective movies and this is no exception, amazing Brickfilm


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