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Globetrotter | LEGO Brickfilm & Live action | English subtitles

This is a project I have been working on for four and a half years (including, of course, some breaks).
I mixed Lego animations with live action footage.
The film is about a man who meets a Lego figure. Together, they visit the real world and the Lego world later on and experience an exciting trip.

The film is shown in German with English subtitles.

For those who don't feel like watching a 21 minute movie, I also uploaded three clips:

Arrival in LEGO City:

LEGO Pizza:

In LEGO forest:

I am pleased about every feedback.

Many Greetings,


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Production team
nwwd ProduktionProducer, project's creator

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Great job! The animation is smooth, and the compositing is amazing!

great work, i can imagine that is so difficult to accomplish!

Thank you very much.
Yes, it was a lot of work.
The animations comprise a total of 22,347 photos and I had to figure out how to manage good green screen keying.

Fantastic animation !

So crazy !!!!!!!!

Really cool. I've been planing a stop-mo/live action hybrid project and it encourages me to see that it can be done... and so beautifully! Amazing work, there.

@ GUATEMAX Animations
@ Hudson Ludy

Thank you very much.
I´m glad to read that. It would be exciting to watch your hybrid film one day.

Wow !
The idea is very original.


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