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Break Break Break Dance

It's dance off time! Does Gerome Tufton have what it takes to win? Does he have the courage to take break dancing to its all too logical extreme? Why don't you just watch the video to find out. It probably took just as long reading all of this!

Winner of the Bricks in Motion weekly animation challenge under the theme 'Break Dance'. The original entry cut off at 00:17.

Melt Yourself Down - Release!

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator

So clean! It's really good, and smooth.
The drop is crazy !

Nice animation, I love the arms!

Did you do this on a stove?
Cause this is HOT!!!!

@AoW-GamerDid you do this on a stove?
Cause this is HOT!!!!

Haha, you know what, I did actually animate it on a frying pan!

The floor is genius, as well as the lighting. The music is perfectly erratic, and I love how you got to extremely different figures that are both classic.


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