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Time Cruisers: Origins 1: The Time Traveling Banana

Quirky scientist Dr. Cyber and young assisstant Tim test the professor's time machine, while the sinister Tony Twister tries to put an end to the experiments.

Made for #brickfilmday2022, check out the other videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZK_ot8DnYLqL5RhNaq6vUOmfeShvL-p

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator
Brick7Voice actor (Tim)
Ahsagot5212Voice actor (Dr. Cyber)
Jay SilverVoice actor (Tony Twister)
Rachel DewVoice actor (Mary)
Lady ArginnonThanks

Wow. A magnificent brickfilm. You had already caught me with the time cruiser range. There are very nice postprod effects. Original camera shots (with the magnifying glass). The microscale of the 6494 set and the little details of the range here and there. The small crossover with the knight kingdom range looks very promising

Thank you so much, @Max_LG ! And I'm so happy that you noticed all the little details and easter eggs.

Very cool, I can't wait for the next one in the series! What are the icons at the end? I recognize Krita and Blender of course, what are the other two?

Thank you, @thistof ! The colorful petals are the icon of DaVinci Resolve, a free editing, color grading and VFX software (it's really good, I highly recommend it), and the orange lines are the icon of Cakewalk, a free DAW. This one has its flaws; I previously used LMMS, which had a lot more intuitive workspace, but Cakewalk lets me compose to video, which is very convenient.

Amazing brickfilm. The beginning reminded me a little bit of the beginning of the first Back To The Future movie. Great animation and lighting, well done VFX, and a fun story. Great job!


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