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Happily Never After

The Queen rules with an iron fist and the people are suffering. Only one man can save the Kingdom. Unfortunately that man is Roger so everyone is pretty much doomed.

Production team
Paolo MuraProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (4)Contests (2)

Looks very exciting, looking forward to it!

A trailer that really makes you want !

This brickfilm is awesome. I love the story, the animation is amazing, I don't have anything to say...
Just the greenscreen at 2:52 or 7:10 but that's nothing actually
It's funny, the mouth animation is very well done... I enjoyed the end so much
After watching it I saw your brickfilms on brick a brack and I loved them too.
Amazing work

VERY well done. The animation is good, the lighting is really cool, the humor is spot on, and it's a fun story.


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