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Kermak - Entry for "Invent The Sequel"

A man finds a secret door... after thinking a little, he decides to open it

Production team
ShahriarProducer, project's creator
Ramin ZiaieeScreenwriter
Navid NasertorkSet Decorator
Soroush MiriEditor
Taha TorbatiDirector of photography

Brick à Brack (7)Contests (6)

On ne peut pas lire la vidéo :/

I changed the link

Good animation, and light sets are cool ! Good luck

Very clean good looking images to a funny little story!

J'ai beaucoup aimé l'ambiance que met en place le brickfilm au fur et à mesure qu'on approche de la fin. Les mouvements de caméra sont super intéressants, bravo !

It's really very nice! I would love a suite! The plans are beautiful it's very fluid! The last music made me smile.

Thanks Guys!


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