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LEGO SCP Foundation: Containment Lockdown

A lego brickfilm stop-motion about the SCP Foundation, a secret group that is entrusted by several goverments around the world who contain and study various anomalous individuals, entities, locations, objects, and phenomena operating outside that defy the bounds of natural law.

The overal plot follows an Class-D named Jason who tries to escape from the SCP Foundation along with an SCP, simply dubbed as ''The Monotone Angel'' or ''Rachel'', while being hunted down by the mobile task force and other hostile SCP's.

Yet something different than my other animations and yet feeling a bit familiar.

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this animation took me an entire year to make, concepting started in 2017 and involves around 40 different voice actors, from both the brickfilm community and the SCP community which this brickfilm is dedicated to.

Secure | Contain | Protect

Locations and characters are inspired or directly from the SCP Foundation Wiki. All SCP Content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Visit their website at:

Voice cast:

As: The Monotone Angel/Rachel

►Lord Bung
As: Connor

As: O-5 Council Member

As: SCP-049 & SCP-049-J

►Marcus Phoon/Brick Hat Studios
As: Dr. Wang & Agent Clark

As: Intercom 2

As SCP Scientist: Willford

►Annoying Noises Productions
As SCP Scientist: Allen Squid

►Gerwin Kramer
As Dr. Henry Stetson

►SuitedNinjaNerd Studios
As: Intercom 1

As: SCP Scientist Johnston & SCP Guard Jared

►Gold Brick Productions
As: SCP Guard Chris & Valley Girl Chris

As: SCP-4007

►Jason Leung
As: SCP-1123-2

►James Cawood
As: SCP guard Capt. Lucas

►Bricks and Pieces Animation
As: SCP Guard Symour

►Bricktion Kino
As: HK Police Officer Yip Lo Kung & Agent Cheng & Kino-8

►Onecast Studios
As: Site-Command

►Locker 74 Productions
As: MTF Epsillon-11 Operative

►Titan Pictures
As: MTF Operative: Wagner

As: Capt. Vasily Datlov & Capt. Dimitri Petlov

►Dr. Cimmerian
As: MTF Operative: Mason

As: MTF Operative Raymond

As: Dr. Wilson

►MindGame Studios
As: Dr. Cage

As: Dr. Marrow

As: Watch

As: Jacobs


►Aneli Defanif
As: D-13244

►CeH (Arseniy)
As: MTF Operative: Zukov

►Isaac The Animator
As: Dr Craig

►Kyle Stover
As: Dr. Stevenson & Ethics Committee member Tibald

As: Dr. Willard

►The Exploring Series
As: Dr. Porter D Fisher

►Lilith Nakamura
As: Margaret

As: D-6556

►Sebastian Segura
As: Dr. Morales

►GUATEMAX Animations
As: Dr. Martinez

Corvus B

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Dr. Pines

Custom weapons are provided by BrickiZimo/BrickArms

Custom tanks and army trucks provided by Brickmania/Brickizimo

This video is also sponsored by Brickizimo: The one-stop custom building toy shop’’:

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Production team
starwarsstudio100Producer, project's creator
Lainie MayVoice actor (Monotone Angel/ Rachel)
Lord Bung Voice actor (Connor)
SCP ILLUSTRATEDVoice actor (O-5 Council member )
TheVolgunVoice actor (SCP-049/SCP-049-J )
Marcus Phoon/Top Hat StudiosVoice actor (Dr. Wang & Agent Clark)
ClonetrooperX39Voice actor (Intercom 2)
sillypentaVoice actor (SCP Scientist Willford)
Annoying Noises ProductionsVoice actor (SCP Scientist Allen Squid )
Jared JohnsonVoice actor (SCP Scientist Johnston & SCP Guard Jared)
chris_gbpVoice actor (SCP Guard Chris & Valley Girl Chris )
C.MeaVoice actor (SCP-4007)
Jason LeungVoice actor (SCP-1123-2)
James CawoodVoice actor (SCP Guard Capt. Lucas )
Brick & Pieces AnimationsVoice actor (SCP Guard Symour )
Bricktion kino Voice actor (HK Police Officer Yip Lo Kung & Agnet Cheng & Kino-8)
Oncras StudiosVoice actor (Site-Command)
Locker_74_ProductionsVoice actor (MTF Epsillon-11 Operative)
Titan PicturesVoice actor (MTF Operative: Wagner)
LegocracymotionVoice actor (Capt. Vasily Datlov & Capt. Dimitri Petlov)
Dr. CimmerianVoice actor ( MTF Operative: Mason)
BrickBroadcastingVoice actor (MTF Operative Raymond)
StephmotionVoice actor (Dr. Wilson)
MindGame StudiosVoice actor (Dr. Cage)
CountSolance/SolpothecaVoice actor ( Watch/SCP-35)
EckhartsLadderVoice actor (Dr. Marrow)
ClownPrinceOfCrimeVoice actor (Jacobs)
LOTWStudiosVoice actor (SCP-[REDACTED])
Aneli DefanifVoice actor ( D-13244)
CeH (Arseniy)Voice actor (MTF Operative: Zukov)
Isaac The AnimatorVoice actor (Dr Craig)
Kyle StoverVoice actor ( Dr. Stevenson & Ethics Committee member Tibald)
BlandeerVoice actor (Dr. Willard)
The Exploring SeriesVoice actor ( Dr. Porter D Fisher)
Lilith NakamuraVoice actor (Margaret )
RaytisticVoice actor (D-6556)
Sebastian SeguraVoice actor (Dr. Morales)
GUATEMAX AnimationsVoice actor (Dr. Martinez)
Corvus BComposer
Dr. PinesThanks

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Holy cow! It's finally here! This must have taken forever! I love it! The animation was a little shaky, but the story and sound was incredible not to mention how many popular brickfilmer voices you got!

Last edited by Brickmaster Studio (oct. 10, 2020 (07:59pm)).

@Brickmaster StudioHoly cow! It's finally here! This must have taken forever! I love it! The animation was a little shaky, but the story and sound was incredible not to mention how many popular brickfilmer voices you got!
Thanks you very much, man

So awesome to see such dedication to the art form. So awesome!

@thefourmonkeysSo awesome to see such dedication to the art form. So awesome!

Thank you very much!


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