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Star Wars Eclipse [engl. subs]

A time of chaos between two wars.
The New Republic and the Resistance have to deal with their differencies. A new military power rises in the dark.
The Eclipse, a giant battleship, gets the attention of everyone involved.

Production team
BrickstormingProducer, project's creator
YetgoVoice actor (Robb Travis)
ImperialTrooperProductionsVoice actor (Kane Tivur)
MovieEyeAnimationStudiosVoice actor (Lance)
GeneralKenobi555Voice actor (Miller)
MovieEyeAnimationStudiosSpecial Lightsaber FX
MrHarrySkywalkerVoice actor (Klivian Addaccess)
LegoElfiProductionsVoice actor (Lejo Natas)
TelsonLPVoice actor (Burke)
KuvutaVoice actor (Cole)
Elli B.Voice actor (Clie)
BrickstormingVoice actor (Tek Acheron)
48CaptainRex48Voice actor (The Rogue)
MovieEyeAnimationStudiosSpecial Effects
ImperialTrooperProductionsSpecial Effects

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Ho it's really great !I love especially the inlays !


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