MY TIME AGAIN: A Very Musical Short --4K | 8x8x8 challenge | Brick à Brack

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MY TIME AGAIN: A Very Musical Short --4K | 8x8x8 challenge

short musical film for the 8x8x8 2020 challenge!

fully complete now!

Production team
GUATEMAX AnimationsProducer, project's creator

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Very smooth and stylish!

Where the mouth animations were it was awesome, super smooth, really great job.

I love how the lighting lets the camera really capture the texture of the LEGO bricks (or maybe you just have a really good camera, but the lighting is good nonetheless)! Also, I love the vibrant colors and the smooth animation! The water is cool too, not to mention the amazing face animations! Although, the idea of being stuck on an island (whether or not the story focuses on that is irrelevant) is not very original. No big deal though, your film is awesome!

Last edited by BrickGuffinWolffe (jul. 13, 2020 (04:34pm)).

it's a really nice brickfilm all on good music so congratulations to you! Maybe a top 5 in the English side!

Looking great as always. Can't wait for the full face version, although the lack of it doesn't really detract too much

Bon bah on sait qui va gagner ...

I have a question:
It is real face from 0: 20 to 0: 30 ? because it's very nice animation .

Your bf is most beautiful

We have a Winner !! GG

Great, smooth animation. And your facial animations never cease to amaze me.


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