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BRAWL 2021 - My Dearest Love

Made in one week for BRAWL 2021. A woman and her dog long for a deployed soldier in different ways.

Production team
BlueBrick_Producer, project's creator

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Some strong emotions told in a great way. The simple but fitting images and the intercutting of them works perfectly to set the mood, I love how the story is basically already told in the beginning with the dog in some way, but then followed by a look into the possibility of loss, making the ending even stronger.

A brickfilm with a heavy atmosphere on the theme of absence.
From the very first seconds, the camera's gaze insists on the details. A wonderful example of "show don't tell". The explanations of the voice-over sublimate the sequence. The emotion comes through your images, a nice mastery. It's sober and there are beautiful camera movements.


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