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The best challengers of the summer

By MOI30540 and Gwen Movies (Oct. 26, 2022)

Yeah, we know, the wait was long...

But we are FINALLY going to reveal to you the big winners of the third step of the Summer Contest: Challenge #100!

Indeed, as a reminder, for this challenge you had to animate a sensational entry, and many of you answered the call of this famous Challenge #100 that a lot of people were waiting for!
So let's stop the suspense and see who most succeeded in combining the factors of a surprising and impressive entrance!

Third place

Le Centième Challenge by @BRICK STUDIOS

Second place

First place

As announced a few weeks ago, on the occasion of this special challenge, that's the first three places who each leave with a prize, congratulations to them!

For those who would like to see the entire ranking established as usual for the challenges by the members of the staff, but also the comments of the jury once again very detailed, written by @MOI30540 and @Brickalorian, just click there!

Thank you to everyone for having followed this edition of the Summer Contest, don't forget that while waiting for the next contests you can participate without further delay in the Challenge #101 taking up the theme of Halloween, more info in the article just here.

Well, see you next time !

→ More informations about the Scary Challenge

→ Ranking and comments of the Challenge #100


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