Brickstars 2017 | Brick à Brack

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  • The video has to be published for the first time in 2017.
  • The video has to consist mostly of stop motion animation made with LEGOs or similar plastic toys.
  • The video has to contain at least 45 seconds of animation.
  • The user entering the video has to be its main director.
  • Only one brickfilm is allowed per director/user.
  • In case of a tie, the outcome will be determined randomly.
  • A user registering as a member of the jury will not be able to participate as a candidate.
  • Animation tests are not allowed, you have to present a brickfilm with some sort of story.
  • The category “Best foreign brickfilm” is open to non-francophones only. It is also the only category for foreign-speaking brickfilmers. If your entry is in another language other than English, please provide French or English subtitles.


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