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Good morning dear brickfilmers and welcome to the 2017 edition of the Brickstars!

Just like every year you are invited to enter the contest with one of your brickfilms made in 2017. The best movies of each of the many categories will be awarded awesome prizes!

This year the categories are the following:

  • Best Screenplay, an original and well written script.
  • Best Animation, an excellent mastery of animation.
  • Best Mise-en-scène, choice of shots, camera angles, scenes, editing, etc. from a storytelling point of view.
  • Best Sound design, a good composition of sound effects, music and dialogues.
  • Best Set design, a brickfilm with extraordinary nicely designed and constructed original sets.
  • Best Visual effects, for all the effects done in post production!
  • Best Cinematography, an excellent choice of lights and aesthetic shots.
  • Promising Director, reserved for the video of the most promising director.
  • Public’s choice, every member of Brick à Brack will be able to vote for his favourite video.
  • Best brickfilm, title says it all.

And this year’s new category…

  • Best foreign brickfilm, a reward for the best brickfilm by a non-Francophone. This is the only category the non-francophone community can enter, the others are reserved for the french speaking brickfilmers.

If you have any question, please ask them here.

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