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LEGO Mickey Mouse in Stormboat Willie

The home of Mickey and Minnie is hit by a powerful storm, so they begin to build a stormboat to escape it.

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Made for LEGO ( and Brick a Brack (
by Arginnon and Lady Arginnon
VFX made with Krita
additional VFX from
SFX from
by users: vilkas-sound, tommy-mooney, pfannkuchn, reitanna, berwitz, loafdv, rioforce, bash360, sheepfilms, castle81, rmutt

a Winter Sock Production

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator
Lady ArginnonDirector

Brick à Brack (3)Contests (1)

Awesome ! The raines effect is really nice, the animation is amazing... Great job !

And i love the small boat, it's so cute

The use of practical effects was fantastic!

This is fantastic on every level. Amazing job.


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