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A sailor wakes up on the open ocean, only to find he isn't alone.

Production team
twickabrickProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (2)Contests (5)Bricks In Motion (10)

Goodness gracious, I love this so much. Where do I even begin?

Logically, the wave effects were the first thing that caught my eye. The cyclical motion was great and having the multiple layers really gave that otherwise small set some great depth. If you could share any behind-the-scenes notes on that on your BàB brickfilm page, I'd appreciate it as I want to try that effect myself.

Second is the eye blinking effect. I haven't seen many people use that sort of large-scale-minifig-face shot before and I think it really helped create a sense of uneasiness. Something to show that this classic smiling minifigure isn't all that confident about his odds.

And without spoiling, I love the twist at the end. I was preparing for a jumpscare with the way the music swelled, but what we got was so much better.

Overall, great work! I love it!

Woaw, I really liked the mood, the sound, the animation... The water animation is amazing. Congratulations, this is a good Brickfilm.


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