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Lego Harry Potter and the Half-Banana Prince | Brickfilm

My first harry Potter brickfilm! Get ready for tons of Wizarding World goodness in the Halloween of 1999! (I've decided that my Lego versions of the characters will grow up with the Star Wars prequels, as an explanation for the year)
I'm really looking forward to Fantastic Beasts 2 later this year. I loved the first film, since it was like Harry Potter but without the boring school setting and terrible child actors. Though, that's just my opinion. I'm not looking for a fight with any Potterheads.
So enjoy as I branch out in my desperate search for views- ahem I mean new creative outlet with my first harry Potter skit. If this can get more than a thousand views, then there will be more on the way sooner than you think!
Be sure to share and subscribe if you liked this dumb little video. I thought it was funny, so maybe you will too. Actually, I thought it was hilarious. Hoping you'll feel the same way.

Put #BananaSnape in your comment for a free heart.

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Fun... enjoyed it...

... a tip...A bit more light (or use of spotlights) in the first minute(s) would have made it easier on the eyes (more contrast) ... since your ears are also working hard.. to keep up...

Good luck in the Fantastic Beasts.. etc.. contest

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I tell you that music was made by Nstens1117!! Great video btw


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