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Hairy Pot Ear

How to sneak into Hogwarts to steal their secrets: Instructional video.

Production team
CheepJokesProducer, project's creator

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Good job! I'd recommend a bit of feathering around the legs for the invisibility cloak effect - that sharp cut-off doesn't look quite right. Overall, keep it up!

Nicely done!

It was pretty fun! I think it's a pity that there's not enough animation, it would have made the whole thing more dynamic.

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Last edited by YanleJedi (nov. 1, 2018 (01:07pm)).

I agree with @YanleJedi, but overall great work and funny short!

It's funny and mouths are awesome!

It's really funny ! But why Ron have a twin ?

Alright, I laughed quite more than I thought

Oh my god it's really great and at the end dobby I love.


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