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LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Journey of a Soldier

One's journey can evolve through an extensive amount of obstacles, wars, and pain. I have gathered my time and budget, to create a film that talks about a soldier who is not afraid to take risks, and is eager to gain experience. The story of Kirx Sheppard involves a wide combination of events during the Clone Wars era, including wars, battles, power, and destruction. I hope you will enjoy this.

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Music by Lucas King:

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Production team
MegaSpaceFighterProducer, project's creator

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Wowww... this is really Amazing... A great trailer for what's next (I hope)

Very cinematic, the sets are Great and all effects seamlessly fit...

Amazing !

Wooow ! Amazing job !

Outstanding beauty in one single film. I have no criticism nor complaints. I actually find this a perfect LEGO Star Wars animation. I was more than glad to assist you with this film. It is a huge honor for me to have you use my visual effects and voice work. Looking forward to working with you even further and create something that will eventually be presented in Hollywood. Perfect job my skilled friend!

Just discovered that brickfilm with 'brickfilm of the week'. Incredible work

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So well done! Really masterful! I only want more...

Thank you so much!

HO MY GOD IT'S VERY GOOD I don't know what to say


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