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Ninjago of the West (An entry to Brick à Brack's Summer Contest)

A tribute and pretty much direct rip off of Rioforce's "Spirit of the West," which can be found here: This video is a bizarre entry into week three of Brick à Brack's summer contest. More info can be found here:

Special thanks to Chris Major for playing along with this insane idea and making a Spirit of the West parody of his own:

Bricks In Motion:

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Production team
UndershadowProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (4)Contests (5)

Nice adaptation!
A bit too fast but it's really cool! Well done!

nice job! I guess you and Chris had the same idea

undershadow you stole my idea that I stole from rio how dare you well done best of luck in brawl

This is definitely my favourite entry by far! Well done! Best of luck in the contest


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