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Stuck inside ( 8x8x8 ) [EN]

The hero gets stuck in a small room.
He doesn't know where he is and how he got here, but the only thing he knows is that he has to leave this room before it's filled of water.

( I will upload the "making of " for soon )

Production team
Let malo filmProducer, project's creator
chris_gbpVoice actor (Protagonist of the story)
My little brotherActor
Let malo filmVoice actor (The bad guy of the story)

Brick à Brack (3)Contests (10)

Hey, nice video! However, my entry is not showing on the entries page. When I try to register it, it says: None of your brickfilms appear to be able to enter this contest...
Why is this? Help please! Thank you.

Really good brickfilm ! Bravo

About the fall, I think, it is a little strange to vary the speed of the cube. I think, it would be better to let a same speed when the cube fall. And there is a black point around the cube.

Except that, this is a great participation, like your vid ! Good luck

Lol I like this entry, good luck in the contest!


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