Octo Island (WINNER OF THE 8x8x8 CONTEST) | Brick à Brack

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Octo Island (WINNER OF THE 8x8x8 CONTEST)

Trapped on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, a man finishes off his food supply. What keeps him alive after the fact? the answer may disturb you...

This video was made in 2 days for the Brick A Brack 8x8x8 Contest and placed FIRST in the competition!

Hi I'm SuitedNinjaNerd, I make funny, family-friendly LEGO Stop-motion Animations. Feel free to check out the other great videos I have to offer, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe and hit the little bell icon to always be updated on new videos.

Production team
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (7)Contests (3)Bricks In Motion (2)

Good job, a really cool little brickfilm
Good luck or the contest

Poor Octo !! So pretty

Great birckfilm ! The teleportation is perfect !

Good luck !

Wow that's crazy ! Amazing and really fun.
I love you animation.

I am horrified.

Y o U m O n S t E r !

Nicely done, and congrats. You've earned it.

Congratulations Trev!


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