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Stranger things thing

Demogorgan moment
Eleven moment
Stronger thinks moment

Stranger things soundtrack is very cool

Trying to get better at animating
I feel like I haven’t improved since March
Some animations I’ve made seem off
Idk what the problem is, they just seem weird
But I’m trying to get better at it
I haven’t really found an fps that fits, this video is 10, but it looks kinda weird, but 12 and 11 are too fast
Oh and happy Labor Day :)

Shoutout to @LF Brickfilms for the idea-ish
I really just extended a test
A test that was made from his idea
Also shoutout to @Sloreo Animations @GreenStudstudios @Oski and @Turbo ninja
Cause why not
Maybe I should include extra video

Production team
Zeah209Producer, project's creator

A very nice animation! The writers had to call on you lol!

All the kids on the bike was very fun!


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