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'Bounce' (And Other Animation Bits & Bobs)

My entries to this year's Brickfilm Day Animation Contest, the themes being 'Bounce', 'Shock' and 'Danger'. Hope you enjoy!

Website - https://www.jacobcrow.co.uk/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jacobcrowfilms
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jacobacrow1/
Letterboxd - https://letterboxd.com/jacobacrow/

Production team
Jacob CrowProducer, project's creator

Unbelievable !
I sincerely think it's the most participation I've seen on bàb!
It is very very clean! The animation is fluid as well for the jump of the fig because of the spider.
It almost looks like 3d!
And the technique of the legs of the guy who watches is exellent !

An incredible performance!
All three are stunning, especially the second one, which is the most complex for me. All these animation concepts, the zoom, the sillyness of it makes it perfect.
Definitely a amazing entry, would be surprised if you don't make it !


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