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Darth Plagueis Episode 2

Under the watchful eye of the Dark Lord of the Sith, DARTH PLAGUEIS, his apprentice PALPATINE is now training. After the murder of his parents, he graduated Universty and attained the position of Junior Representive, under the authority of the current Senator VIDAR KIM, with the plan of becoming the new Senator of Naboo in order to infiltrate the wheel of the Senate from within....

Based on the novel "Darth Plagueis" by James Luceno.

Production team
Star Wars Brickfilm Universe DEProducer, project's creator
MrHarrySkywalkerVoice actor (Darth Plagueis)
ElfiProductionsVoice actor (Sheev Palpatine)
MovieEyeAnimationStudiosVoice actor (11-4D, Ronhar Kim)
KaiadrianVoice actor (Pax Teem)
TelsonLPVoice actor (Vidar Kim)
ZiliwieVoice actor (Kinman Doriana)
GonzkaVoice actor (Dooku, Darth Bane)
AoW-GamerVoice actor (Sifo Dyas)
Star Wars BasisVoice actor (Qui-Gon Jinn)
YetgoVoice actor (Thoris Darus)
ImperialTrooperProductionsVoice actor (Larsh Hill)
BrickstormingVoice actor (Ars Veruna)

yay, more episodes of the series!! Thanks Yetgo

47 minutes of Greatness the sets and VFX are really great it is Hollywood level brickfilm !


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