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Peculiar Punks • Full Lego Animation Film

My biggest (and favorite) brickfilm thus far, I present to you: Peculiar PunksThis is something I've been wating to make for a long while now. Me and Ben (from BroswithdaLegos) started the script back in July, and since then it has been my dream to complete this film. Though I really enjoy making brickfilms simply for the enjoyment, I wanted this to have a positive impact on others. So I decided to share the gospel a bit; I didn't want it to be entirely that, but I wanted it to at least be a part of the plot. This has been a very important film to me, so I hope you enjoy it :)-CAST-Jesse Miles---ClintJamerson Ries---RussellFin Krueger---RingoDeikay---MoustacheZach Macias (Mindgame Studios)---ToddBen (BroswithdaLegos)---"Not Moustache"Harrison Allen (Annoying Noises Productions)---Man at barthe co-writer & voice actor, Ben's channel:'s actor, Jamerson's channel:'s voice actor, Zach's channel: you to EVERYBODY who helped and supported me with this!BEHIND THE SCENES COMING SOONsecondary channel: 10 : 31

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Brickmaster StudioProducer, project's creator

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