Johnny Thunder & The Heart of Faber's Peak [BRAWL 2021] | Brick à Brack

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Johnny Thunder & The Heart of Faber's Peak [BRAWL 2021]

Johnny Thunder picks a fight with a mountain. He may have bitten off more than he can chew...Made in under a week for Bricks In Motion's BRAWL 2021 contest. See the other entries in this playlist:

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (5)Contests (2)

An exciting fiest of awesome long takes and witty dialogue. I personally recognize my interests slowly fading away from pure action cinema, it getting harder and harder to catch me. Yet, your works in all the action and fun and excitement always come trough to me !

Dynamics dialogs and a very clean production I'm impressed by your movie! You retake very well the "adventure story rules". Good luck for contest.

Thanks @Yetgo and @Ferdinand, that means a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.

Having it done in a hot air balloon is a great idea! This directly adds a perfect feel to this contest.

Great story and animation. Great dialogue as well. The story seemed a little rushed but other than that good film


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