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Beacon Light | A BRAWL 2021 Film

After returning from a voyage through the stars, a mechanic vows to return...

The title is a reference to the Ween song from the X-Files movie soundtrack, it was in the playlist while I was editing and it fit the mood.

I've had a whole collection of these sci-fi figs in a case since I made Whitecap in 2018 and finally found an excuse to use some of them, I made sure to sneak in a reference or two as well. A lot of my set design didn't really make it in to the film on account of building before putting it in front of the camera and not realizing how shallow the depth of field was on my macro filtered lenses, which is a shame because I spent more time on that than I would care to admit. I'll probably share some 'concept art' and behind the scenes photos online in the days to come.



Animated by Aaron Williams (Formal Lens)

Sound Effects-

"Abstract Spaceship, Flyby, Ascending, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

Floating on the Water by Stevia Sphere
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


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Production team
Formal LensProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (2)Contests (2)

I love this very much, so creative and unique, an amazing little world shown with wonderful cinematic image and sound

Awesome job! The story line was good and the animation was ?! I like the effects when every one was was transferred through that portal thing


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