Detective: Ace Brickman Ep.3 - "Sleepless Nights" | Brick à Brack

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Detective: Ace Brickman Ep.3 - "Sleepless Nights"

After a frustrating setback with the Rose Killer case, Ace loses sleep as he relives his past - struggling with who he is and what he's become.Patreon: Brick Productions: or Driver: Soldier: Models:

Production team
Locker_74_ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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I've already commented on YouTube but skrew it, this is amazing, all your hard work totally payed off!

A fantastic brickfilm! It's fine, and long with sustained animation throughout! The story is still beautiful and the plot becomes more and more captivating!

A brillant stop-motion, fantastic technic, the color on the image and history, it's like a real movie quality, all my congratulations, it's a brillant and fantastic job


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