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Out of Sight (LEGO animation)

A visually impaired pedestrian hears someone losing their wallet and decides to return the item to its owner.

Made for Brick a Brack's #VocalFlix contest, where only mouth-made sounds were allowed to be used. *1st Place Winner*

Directed by and all sounds and voices performed and recorded by Arginnon
Assistant director: Lady Arginnon
Special thanks: Kornél Fekete-Kovács and Zsuzsanna Róna
Braille font by Philippe Blondel
Edited in DaVinci Resolve
Sound recording: Audacity
Music made in Cakewalk by BandLab

a Winter Sock Production

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (11)Contests (10)

So awesome.

Such a wonderful little film! The voice sounds somehow make it even more within the mind of the blind man - also, such an amazing concept. You can really feel the city, the bird sound that constantly appears I loved and the ending is so perfect with the vocal music, it really lets emotions rise!

Thank you so much!

What a great idea for the vocalflix theme! It's a very lively city too, with plenty of people and vehicles zipping around. Well worth the effort, it really adds to the atmosphere.

Thank you!

What a brilliant idea. The shallow focus was the perfect way to visualize sound for the blind character in the context of animated video! I guess this is "the beginning of a beautiful friendship," and the braille credits was such a nice touch. I even had a couple good belly laughs, starting with "wait. wait" lol... Congrats on a fine film

I just forwarded the link to my sister who is a sign interpreter and works specifically with deaf/blind clients (like Helen Keller) through a nonprofit she helped found.

Last edited by thistof (jun. 18, 2021 (08:13am)).

Wow, thank you so much!

My sister enjoyed the film too. She said: "Nice! Great use of shallow focus and sound effects. After watching it I closed my eyes and listened to it a second time. There were a few sounds I didn't hear the first time like the dog panting before it barked."

I am recommending this brickfilm, it is superb.

this brickfilm has received 385 views in 4 days, that is increadible


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