Lego Factory Office 8x8x8 Contest 2020 | Brick à Brack

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Lego Factory Office 8x8x8 Contest 2020

A person in his office. Machines do nearly everything for him. How will he handle the situation? Does he have any power still?

Created for the 8x8x8-Contest, where everything should take place on just a space of 8x8x8 bricks.

Production team
YetgoProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (6)Contests (4)Bricks In Motion (2)

Wow awesome participation!
And the sets are well designed! ?
Didnt expect the video to end like this!
I love it!

Thanks, happy you liked it!

Super film !


A colorful brickfilm with a good animation! Nice.

Thanks very much


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